Whilst not the most successful climbing day of the season neither was it my worst. Good company and conversation driving out there. A nice combination of temps and hazy sun, and a climb that is fatter than in a long while.
Word and beta has circulated on Circus Circus so we took a drive earlier today. With a gimped up thumb giving me a hard time, my partner had offered to do the leading. The first pitch is a little more steep/pumpy than it looks. A couple weeks ago the climb was reportedly wet and the featured sometimes void filled nature would reflect that. My partner got a good way up but "wasn't feeling the love" and eventually lowered off. The gimp was going to try leading but my fine motor control on the thumb proved to be uncooperative. End result - I bailed too. A party ahead of us reported the second and third pitches were in better shape.
The climb gets sun all morning and into the afternoon so an extended spell of warm sunny weather will not do the climb any favours. Suggest you get it soon.

Approach: Park at the Beaverfoot Road and follow the ravine beside the private drive to avoid the private property. A short way up the ravine you go left and up the hill. A minute or two later you come to a snowmobile track intersection with the private house left down the hill. We went in via the straight and level track but came out via the up/down track that turns right. If you go straight follow the double track and after it becomes a single track watch for a bootpack going right up the hillside. It eventually bends right and seemingly away from the climb which is visible at that point. You can follow it and drift up/right or we followed a posthole trail aiming directly towards the climb. Coming out the bootpack meets a snowmobile track which can be followed east and level until you drop downhill to the aforementioned intersection above the private house.
The bootpack closer to the climb is quite well travelled and a little slippery in spots. While a set of microspikes is not essential, they may make some of the slidey walking a little easier.

Below is a pic of the climb