Did you spare a thought for our fallen today? Men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can experience life as we do.

Well actually the first day out for the season for me and a couple friends. One of whom took a fall that cost him nearly two full ice seasons. That's why the #1 rule is don't fall.
Anyway somehow I got the lead. I'm losing the knack of being lazy. As we got there the morning shift was packing up. WhooHoo, being lazy for the departure paid off.
The climb has yet to bulk out as it will over the season but its starting. There is a flume of water bubbling out the left side making a lot of soaking wet chandelier which would be horrible pro. The right side is nice and dry, taking reasonable pro but quite hard for the given grade. A groove in the middle is the easier line but wear waterproofs because your left side will get soaked.

Logs frozen into the ice above currently provide anchor options.

Taking a small handsaw to cut a couple of windblown trees (up to 7" diameter ish) in the final 100m would make it much easier for the approach.